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Are we the right Opticians for you?

If you’ve landed on our website chances are you’re wondering where is the best opticians for YOU and your individual requirements. Here at the Redland Opticians we try to make it easy by letting you know what you can expect should you decide to come and see us.

Renowned Expertise and Personal Service

At The Redland Opticians, our eyewear specialists not only address the technical side of correcting your vision, we also use our years of experience to make your eyewear work with your personal sense of style. We travel to Milan and Paris to discover new frames and styles so you don't have to wear glasses everyone else is wearing.  We offer a wide variety of services from our unique Patient Membership Scheme to Tailored Appointments.

Niche Eyewear that you'll love wearing

If you are looking for something different than what you find on the high street, then these frames are for you. Here you’ll discover a new world of eyewear and choose a pair of glasses from a selection not seen elsewhere.

Mr Jonathan Best

(BSc (Hons) MCOptom)

Jonathan is a fully qualified Professional Optometrist. He gained his degree in Optometry at the University of Manchester, and after gaining a wide experience working for national companies, took over the practice in 2018.

As a child, Jonathan experienced a “lazy eye” which made him a frequent patient of the eye hospital! While undergoing eye treatment, he became fascinated by what the optician did and this marked his journey towards his current profession. As early as 15 he already knew that he wanted to improve peoples vision and lifestyle.

Married with two small children, Jonathan loves spending his spare time with his family. He also enjoys playing football and is actively involved with Good News Church in Staple Hill.


We also provide...

Unique Glasses

We feel that we have a fantastic range of prescription glasses to meet your visual needs. Whether it’s a pair for the office, fishing, or driving, Jonathan has been around Europe to personally select the best eyewear for you.


Contact Lenses

Tired of wearing glasses? Contact Lenses can be a fantastic solution for social use, work, sport or just a new look. Jonathan will speak to you and show you the different varieties of  lenses available. He will also explain to you the different types of contact lenses, what they do, how they work and establish which contact lenses are best for you.

Eye Examinations

Our aim is to keep your eyes healthy. Our eye examinations can include the latest OCT Scans to help make sure we don't miss any important details about the health of your eyes. The Redland Opticians aims to provide everyone with a tailor-made examination that meets their lifestyle and needs.

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